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SINTER (Sistemas Inteligentes Estabilizadores de Red / Intelligent systems to stabilize power grids) are integrated systems of renewable energies, power electronics and energy storage (including hydrogen) used to:

  • Stabilize weak or saturated power grids.
  • Make renewable energy sources available to stabilize power supply even in small isolated grids.

These systems have the mission of guaranteeing the quality and security of the electrical supply. Moreover they have to be able to work isolated to provide power supply to a small group of customers, industries or rural area. The main components of these systems are:

  • Energy storage: hydrogen, batteries, supercapacitors, pumped-storage.
  • Generation: photovoltaic, wind or hydro generators.
  • Electrical Grid connections: Using power electronics.
  • Control systems.



SINTER systems provide the active and reactive power required by the grid they are connected to, improving its stability and avoiding unexpected trippings, as well as other problems related to voltage fluctuations and even reducing harmonic distortion. Other advantages provided are:

 Increase the use of renewable energies, reducing the negative impact related to the traditional energy sources.

  • Flattening the demand curve.
  • Enabling the development of Distributed Generation: small and medium power.
  • Increase the transmission capacity without the need of new power lines or repowering the existing ones.

To do this, all the elements in the system must act in concert, and subordinated to the power grid they are connected to. Further information available in




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