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AIRE is a piece of commercial equipment to carry out, in an automatic way, power curve tests of operating wind turbines according to IEC 61400-12-1:2005. It can work as stand-alone system in a wind generator and has a remote control software with a friendly user’s interface. AIRE has been developed along with CIRCE Foundation.


  • Three-phase voltages and currents.
  • Meteorological variables.
  • Active and reactive power.
  • Power factor.
  • Automatic measurement and carrying out of power curve test.


  • Instantaneous synchronization of electrical and meteorological data.
  • Automatic calculation and summarizing according to standards.
  • Automatic generation of power curve reports according to standards.
  • Periodical delivery of reports through whatever of the possible ways of communication allowed by the system.
  • Carrying out the power quality test according to IEC 61400-21 and power quality measurements as a Class A device described by IEC 61400-4-30.


The platform includes the software to set-up both electrical and physical parameters required to carry out the power curve test.

Considering all the obtained information, the system starts the measurement test. The sending of periodical reports in an automatic way can be configured in order to monitor the wind turbine status at any moment. In addition, communication interfaces allow controlling and managing the whole system without needing a physical access (no need to go to the wind farm) Once the test is finished, the software is prepared to automatically generate the power curve report, concluding the test.

screenshot 1 Measuring system for power curve and supply quality in wind generators
screenshot 2  

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