The R&D project GEBE aims to design, build and test an intelligent management system for energy grids with distributed generation, whose function is to optimize energy flows in response to economic parameters while ensuring the safety and electrical stability of the power grid. The system is going to be tested using 5 microgrids located in different places and formed by one or more of the following elements: generators, consumers and storage elements, interconnected to the main power grid at a single point.

The intelligent system must be able to decide in real time the value of the energy generated, stored and consumed by every element in the microgrid to optimize the performance, both from a point of view of safety and electrical stability, and also for economic benefit. In order to do that, it has been needed to set out and develop models to integrate the visions electrical, physical, economic and financial of the different elements and agents involved in the power grid. The intelligent system receives in real time all analog and digital signals from different sensors, it also knows the status of each and every one of the actuators, the instantaneous generation and consumption, the charge status of storage systems, their life cycles, meteorological parameters, data of the electricity market, etc.

The potential market of the tools developed in this project involves all stakeholders in the electricity market value chain, from large generators and cogenerators to distributors, electricity retailers and even small residential consumers. Specifically, the intelligent management system developed is going to be easily configurable to adapt it to regulatory changes in the electricity market or other countries' laws. The output of this project will mean a revolution in the electricity sector when it moves towards greater liberalization, and both distributed generation and energy storage become widespread.