WindSEPE is a software tool developed along with CIRCE Foundation to analyze the behaviour of a wind farm. The input information from the SCADA is processed automatically to generate charts and information about the performance in a period.


  • Multiplatform: Developed in java, it can be used in Windows, Linux, Mac…
  • Multiuser: Data for all the wind farms can be stored in a centralized BBDD
  • Configurable: File format can be adapted to each wind farm
  • Data Management: Opensource Postgre SQL
  • Input data and calculation results in grids and charts can be exported
  • Report generation

WindSEPE imports the data generated by the wind farm SCADA and automatically analyzes them:

  • Wind speed and power output of each wind turbine
  • Alarms raised

The data in the system can be analyzed for every period the user selects. The application will calculate availability, performance, speed, productivity and losses depending on the alarms types.


The calculations are displayed for each wind turbine with its Pot/Vel chart, compared with the manufacturer’s and the historical ones, identifying the different alarms.


Daily generation chart per wind turbine are also available with the electricity generation expected for each wind turbine compared to the real one.